"...I figured I would take a minute to bring a very important element back to the music...everyday life."  This quote is the definition of Diablo Archer's hopeful contribution to hip hop.

Introduced to the music at an early age, Diablo Archer has grown with the hip hop culture ever since.  He's witnessed the rises and falls in popularity of various groups, styles, and regions, but he has always recognized the importance of authenticity in music.  Few artists are able to capture the everyday experiences of the average person both vividly and interestingly enough to captivate listeners amongst the extreme dramatizations that have become prevalent in today's rap music. Diablo Archer is well on his way to becoming one of the best at painting extraordinary visualizations of ordinary life.

Having shared the stage with names like EPMD, Supastition, Nappy Roots, Capadonna (Wu-Tang Clan), and Little Brother, has enabled Diablo Archer to continually improve his live show and stage presence.  Splitting writing duties with other notable artists such as Rapper Big Pooh, King Mez, Thee Tom Hardy, Dynas, and Mike G (Jungle Brothers), has allowed him to sharpen his skills as a writer and as a lyricist.

Now, four well-reviewed solo projects into his career, it’s clear that Diablo Archer has charted a course for the stars.  With several loyal fans not afraid to fly with him, not even the sky has proven to be the limit for the self-proclaimed “Everyday Hero”.

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